La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science

Location: La Trobe University Bundoora Campus, VIC 
Completed: 2012
Material: 200mm thick precast external wall
Panel Type: Off white precast with water wash finish
Products: N/A
Uses: Walls system


La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science will be housed in an iconic new building creating state of the art environments for researchers and students. Designed by acclaimed university architects, Lyons, the six level structure will be linked into the existing upgraded four storey building, providing a fully integrated research and learning environment.

The design also aims to promote a strong sense of community between researchers, teachers, science students and the wider campus communities. This provides space for people to interact during their daily activities. The main challenge for Advanced Precast was to maintain a consistence colour and finish on all panels. It was also a challenge to build, lift and transport these unique shaped panels.