Location: Bowman Street, Pyrmont, NSW 
Completed: 2011
Panel Type: Precast Façade and Internal Panels
Builder Name: Bovis Lend Lease

Located in the harbour front community of Jacksons Landing, Pyrmont, Sugar Dock has 132 apartments within a 21 level tower. The structure comprised of Internal and External Load bearing precast panels.

The original design was for over 750 individual precast ‘fingers’ [notwithstanding the hundreds of other panels for the project]. These ‘fingers’ were to act as non-loadbearing elements with loadbearing insitu structural elements threaded in between. The feasibility of the project was in jeopardy as a result. Armed with this knowledge the design team went to work on a solution to ensure the projects feasibility and also to maintain the architect’s intent as much as possible. The outcome was to reduce overall panel numbers to just a third of the proposed original, creating a viable project, economically, architecturally, structurally and from a construction point of view one that eliminated screening and scaffolding.

Apart from the challenges aforementioned, there were curved moulds of varying shapes and sizes which complicated the manufacturing and erection processes for the façade panels.

Working hand in hand with the Development Team, Construction Team and Consultants ensured that the input from Advanced Precast created the desired outcomes. Both cycle times and construction timeframes exceeded the team’s expectations.